Welcome to The Sultan’s Coffer!

The world is small and the goods are plenty! We can shop whenever and wherever we want!
The only concern is: does our purchased goods feel as amazing  as they appear on the screen?
That is the challenge that we are gladly up to!
We have been working hard to provide our customers with the best quality authentic handmade textiles and crafts that exceed their expectations since 2003 in the Pacific Northwest.

In order to achieve our purpose, we’ve created The Sultan’s Coffer brand and our products are specifically made in Turkey to meet our high standards. The Sultan’s Coffer Brand items are located in the US and can be shipped to our customers within 1-3 Business days and delivered within 3 – 5 Business days.

For customers on a budget, we also sell generic items which are made in China in our UnBranded section. There is a catch though: we don’t carry most of those items in stock, and it usually takes 3-6 weeks for them to be delivered to our customers.